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Top 7 Registry Must Haves

The big question has been 'popped' and the magical "YES!" rang out. The date has been set and the dress has been picked. Now a whole list of important questions arise... where to start with a registry? What do you ask for? Money? Contributions towards your honeymoon? Luckily, we have compiled a fantastic reference list of the top 7 must have items to include on your registry! Trust us, you'll wonder how you ever survived without these main staples!

1. New Luggage

Okay - this is something that sounds overrated - but there's nothing better than skipping town with your new spouse and some new travel gear. Luggage is the latest and greatest way to roll into your honeymoon!

2. Steak Knives

Typically, you'll be doing more entertaining now that the hustle and bustle of wedding planning is over. A great set of steak knives will make all the difference when hosting your dinner parties!

3. The Slow Cooker

Don't knock it until you try it! This classic appliance is incredibly handy for those busy days when coming home after work and having to pull out all of the pots to make a mess in seems like an unimaginable feat. Crock pots always save the day!

4. The Stand Mixer

You may bake, or you may not! At any rate - the stand mixer's are the talk of the town (and have been for years). They are efficient, durable and make baking a breeze. Definitely a staple item for every Newlywed's kitchen!

5. New Cookware Set

In the 21's century, it's quite common for the Newlywed's to already have an established home together. With that being said, there's never been a more opportune time to upgrade your cookware! If you're anything like us - anything new to the kitchen automatically improves the level of cooking skill!

6. Electric Wine Opener

This is one of the best items to ever be listed on any registry. It eliminates the awkward moment when your dinner guest presents their bottle of wine with a cork rather than a twist off and you're stuck digging through the drawers in your kitchen, or running to the neighbors to borrow an opener from them. Trust us when we say - this is the 'it' item to have! Hosting will be a breeze with this little gadget!

7. Bedding

There's something about having brand new, fresh bedding! It nearly changes the look of the room and improves your sleep! Always an essential to have on your registry and don't hesitate to ask for more than one set of bedding! Who doesn't love to spoil the Newlyweds?

What are your registry must haves?

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