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B&A - Canmore Covid Micro Wedding

June. A refreshing spring month, perfect for hosting an outdoor ceremony surrounded by green grass and tall trees. The reception takes place in a massive and beautifully decorated local hall, where crickets can be heard when popping outside for a cool down after dancing to your favorite song with all of your people in the same room!

Just kidding.

November. The month of frosty trees and light sparkly snowfall, wonderful for being the backdrop of bridal party and family photos, while your guests gather and socialize in a cozy brick walled building, adorned with the decor you've been dreaming of for months! The family and friends have missed seeing one another in person after being isolated from one another over the past 8 months, but the smiles are big and a sense of celebration is felt throughout the wedding that almost was not.

Again. Just kidding.

October. The balance of both seasons. A beautiful blend of the refreshing air, (this time not accompanied by the flitting butterflies venturing out into spring), and the need for a cozy venue to keep the guests warm as the air is crisp and leaves are falling peacefully to the ground surrounding them. Autumn is among us, along with the urge to just get married already! A smaller group of family in attendance, a tiny venue to host, but the largest amount of love!


This was the wedding planning timeline for our clients, Ben & Ayla, as they ventured through a pandemic and a fast approaching wedding day. The two of them had all of their visions ready to come to life in their original plans, which came to an intimidating stop when the world began to shut down in March. These two love birds, remained calm and positive for as long as they could, until the difficult decision was made to postpone their originally planned wedding and all of its existing details, to the winter. Allowing plenty of time for this virus to move on! Or so we thought.... As the summer came and went, it became apparent numbers were rising and challenges were becoming more apparent. Limitations to social gatherings were being implemented and our couple was faced yet again, with the idea of change. What was beautiful to us, was their desire to not postpone again, but move their wedding day up! They were done with Covid telling them what to do and had waited long enough to marry one another. At this point, that is all that mattered!

The decision was made to venture off to the mountains with their loved ones in tow for a long awaited micro wedding, and let us tell you, was it ever worth the wait!

Introducing, A Bear & Bison Canadian Country Inn.

This cozy space, held Ben & Aylas wonderful family, who traveled to the snow covered mountains in celebration of their love. A beautiful space, that allows for accommodations, a ceremony and intimate reception, this venue truly provides a family lodge experience.

Our couple's ceremony was outdoors, in front of the gazebo with the mountain tips in the background! A fire pit was lit and warm crackling wood, gently welcomed our guests to their chairs draped with blankets.

Ben & Ayla waited to see one another for when their guests were seated and the aisle was ready! Ayla walked those beautiful brick steps, in her dad's arms, to Beauty & The Beast.... cue the tears, right?!

During the signing of their legal marriage documents, a song that was written and performed by Bens parents, was playing softly in the background.

Geometric hanging floral arrangements were suspended from the gazebo, and tall grass lining the aisle, blew softly in the new winter breeze.

Our couple scaled their decor down in a volume perspective, from their original 100+ guest count wedding, to fit the needs of their new 38 count event, all while not sacrificing the style and look they were going for! They sourced so many wonderful vendors that paid great attention to detail with the work they were tasked with, and not a single detail was overlooked.

While the bridal party headed out to the mountain side for their wedding photos and wedding day fun, we scurried around the venue with the fellow venue staff (who are incredible by the way!), turning the room into a gently decorated space ready to host their family for a warm social hour, dinner and reception! The desserts were pulled out and acted as a form of decoration, that all eyes were locked on, ready to dive in and enjoy!

A mini grand entrance brought our bridal party back to their closest people, to begin dining, speeches, and heartfelt dances. The one thing that was extremely consistent and vibrant throughout the whole weekend, was Ben & Ayla's love for one another! You could hear it in their vows, see it in their tear filled eyes as they looked at one another with excitement and anticipation, during the rehearsal. As they laughed with their bridal party, danced with their parents, and one another. Many said it, and we could see it, they truly love one another and deserved to finally be the newlyweds they had waited so long to be.

Our motto, is that together is the most beautiful place to be... Ben & Ayla, proved that no matter what their wedding looked like, it was perfect because they were together.

The words we can offer among the times we are currently experiencing, are to keep pushing through, keep fighting to celebrate your love and marry your person, in whatever way you see fit! Love does not have to pause for Covid.



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