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D&R Wedding - Storms Can’t Stop Love

We all know the pandemic had other plans for weddings and couples who had been planning to say “I Do!”, and to say it was frustrating for many, would be an understatement. Sadly we witnessed many of our dear couples change their plans to a much less than the ideal option. Dates were moved, venues changed, and more. There was sadness and constant optimism that seemed to be repeatedly leaving people disappointed. Through it all, we did however, see many of our couples push forward with their “plan” and stress the importance of still getting married no matter the details, how it looked, or who was in attendance!

Deven and Rhea, were exactly this couple!

July 10th 2021, came with excitement as it was FINALLY wedding day. It was also the summer when numbers of people allowed in attendance were the lowest they had been to date, but that did not stop these two!

We began the day with an outdoor setup in an immaculate backyard space, lined with plenty of fully matured trees, which served as the best setting for getting these lovebirds down the aisle. White chairs were placed for the 24 guests to enjoy the upcoming vows, which would take place underneath a homemade arch adorned with soft roses and greenery. Petals laid in the grass defining the aisle and the sun shone, creating a welcoming space for all.

This small setting was bursting full of love and happiness as the wedding began! Words of deep meaning were spoken to one another and the air around them, was romantic and sweet. We consider ourselves lucky to have the privilege of watching two people clearly in love, commit the rest of their lives to one another. Deven and Rhea quickly reminded us of this blessing during their most perfect ceremony and our meetings leading up to! These two are true soulmates and while they had different ideas for their wedding day vision, come July 10th, their faces only showed true excitement at the fact that they were getting married! It did not matter that there was a much smaller amount of rentals needed for their guests or that dinner was not going to be catered followed by a big party, or that storm clouds were rolling in. They truly were only focused on one another, and it was beautiful!

Once officially husband and wife, they were whisked away in a gorgeous old car for time to be spent just the two of them as their photographer, Nathan Walker Photography followed along to capture their love! The stormy afternoon made for some incredibly moody and magical images, with a love story unfolding right in the middle of them.

There was no shortage of joy between these two and it was felt by everyone around them on wedding day! Following their time gallivanting around the city (and yes, they did get rained on and of course embraced it like you wouldn't believe!) they enjoyed dinner with their families in celebration of a gorgeous day and a beautiful love.

Stories such as this is exactly why we do what we do. There is absolutely a way to achieve a milestone in life as big as getting married, even when the odds seem to be continuously stacked against you! It is worth forging ahead, if it means that at the end of the day all those material details (while nice and complimentary) hold little meaning in comparison to being able to finally call the love of your life, your husband or wife!

Cheers to one year, and many more, Deven & Rhea!

XO - D & M

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