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Wedding Colours - How do I pick?

The time has come… he liked it and put a ring on it! You’ve waited for this moment for a long time, or perhaps you’re the type of person that hasn’t had wedding day dreams since you were 6. Either way, you now have to start the planning process and that can be daunting!

Where to start? Well, we recommend beginning with slowing your thoughts down for a moment and letting your mind create a rough “vision” for your big day! One thing that will play a big role in that overall look, is your colour selection and with all the options these days, we’ve outlined a few things you can do to help make your choice!

1. Don’t make your final decision from online images only.

As gorgeous as your colours of interest may be, the screen can cause them to display differently than if you were to see them in person. Take some time to filter through your selections and narrow down what you are visually drawn to. Then, go to a rental business and pull those colours! Pull the linens, pull the napkins, pull the charger plates. Play with the visual of that selected colour!

2. Consider the look, vibe and colours of your venue.

The tones within and amongst your ceremony and reception space, could easily sway your colour selection. Take these spaces into consideration; it may make your decision for you!

3. Think about your ideal flower.

Do you have a favourite flower that you’ve already got plans to incorporate? If so, and it has a specific colour, you‘ll want to choose your wedding colour to either match or at least compliment that floral!

4. Take your bridal party into consideration.

Your ”I Do” crew, is excited to stand next to you and be included in such a big moment in your life. They’re also likely all different skin tones and body types, and are wanting to look and feel good while they accompany you on the biggest day of you life! Think about how the colour your choosing will look on everyone and consider selecting a different tone of your favourite colour if needed.

5. Don’t forget about the photos.

Your wedding pictures will be hung on your walls, displayed in your album, and likely posted on your social media. Not to mention, they‘ll be in your memories forever! Be sure to keep that in mind when deciding what colour you’d like to have accompany these visuals!

At the end of the day, you want the overall design to have elements and colours that are complimentary to one another and that will have a timeless look and feel! Once you have the colour(s) selected, the rest of your vision will fall into place beautifully!

Happy selecting!

XO - D&M

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