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Pre-Wedding Self-Care for the Bride & Groom

Wedding week or month has arrived! Yay! You've made it through a heavier decision making process than you anticipated, and you are hopeful that all of your selections will come together exactly as you see it in your head. Through all of the opinions and ideas swirling around you, you've finally found a way to keep it all balanced and to ensure you and your partner will be having the wedding of your dreams!

Now what? All of your boxes are checked off. All of the major lists are complete. The only thing truly left, is the "little" stuff... collect the last minute rsvp's, submit your final guest count to the caterer, send your "must have" music list to the DJ/band, make the final adjustments to "the dress", eat A LOT of salads because you're worried for no reason, pick up the suits/tuxes, make sure your bridal party knows where to be and when, and on and on and on! STOP! Before you let your mind get overwhelmed by the items that make you feel like you don't have much to do, but when it's all in your head at the same time, it's overwhelming... make sure you schedule in a few other extremely important tasks!

Self-care. The one thing in life that we could all do better at making routine and now is a perfect moment to start! After months (possibly years) of hard work towards making it to your event, it is important to ensure you are going to enjoy not just your Wedding Day but the time leading up to it as well. If you haven't done so already, start adding a few fun appointments or activities to your calendar now! Doing so will allow for your world to settle down, your mind to become calmer, your heart to become lighter and for you and your partner to become more excited! Here are some suggestions for both the Bride and Groom to complete individually and/or together!


Road trip!

Hair down, polaroid cameras clicking away, fresh air through the rolled down windows, all to the background noise of blasting 2000's Top Hits!


Girls Night!

Snacks, champagne, hair down (again!), face masks, conversations with no limits, the kind of laughter that makes tummies hurt and eyes tear!

You can also make group manicure and pedicure appointments! A ladies breakfast to be washed down with mimosas and fresh fruit. Take in a chick flick at a movie theatre, or plan a wine and charcuterie night in! Utlimately, girl time can seriously help lighten the spirits and the main ladies in your life want nothing more but for you to feel pampered and taken care of heading into your wedding day!


Cigar & Whiskey Bar!

What better way to kick off some serious guy time than to host a night of different flavored cigars, and some whiskey to be tasted?

Hiking Trip!

Countryside, coffee over a fire, plaid shirts and scruffy beards! A weekend in the outdoors telling stories and life experiences can make any brotherhood stronger.

You could also plan a poker night in! Make an appointment for a hot shave for the group followed by an evening at your favourite pub. A night of billiards, or an afternoon at a shooting range! Organizing a game of flag football, or a brewery tour, are just some ideas that can be shared amongst your group of guys that want nothing more but for you to feel supported and encouraged as you prepare to take on a new chapter in your life!

As the days labelled as "engaged" near an end, do not forget to make time for for yourselves as individuals. Surround yourselves with your people and celebrate this exciting time! While there is no reason for quality time like this to no longer be planned once your marriage begins, it sure gets harder to plan as you'll notice the rest of "life" seems to take off real fast once that wedding is over! Another element to consider, is the fact that you and your partner are sharing these last few days as fiances! Enjoy them! Plan for some quaility time to be spent with one another, full of unique date ideas, or doing some of your favorite things as a couple! Ground yourselves in one anothers arms and you'll find the ability to stay relaxed leading up to the big walk!

Let the countdown to the next chapter of your life begin, and may it be filled with joy and excitement!



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