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DIY Wedding Favours

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Wedding favours are an age old tradition that we see each couple focus their time and energy on. The end goal of course, is to create something unique, special and memorable for your guests to take home when the night is through. It's a kind gesture to show your guests that you appreciate them making the time to support and celebrate you! As the popularity for Winter nuptials grows, we see more and more creativity from one couple to the next when it comes to the various elements of their DIY favour choices.

The Recap

Earlier this week we shared the delicious DIY favour - S'mores in a jar! This is a GREAT idea for a DIY project. It's interactive, fun and you're guaranteed to have a sharp looking product at the end! Given that today is the first day of winter (brr), let's talk wedding favours of the season!

Winter Wedding

If hearing the Jingle Bells speaks to you (the way it does to us) and Christmas has always been that magical time of year for you to tie the knot, then search no more! You can easily add a Christmas feel to your DIY favours by adding bows, bells and a little bit of sparkle! Cake pops are an excellent treat that can also double as a bite sized dessert. After all - who doesn't try to "cut back" on those sweets around the holidays!

Feel the Magic!

Who doesn't love a personalized ornament for their Christmas tree? Adding a simple 'Thank You' to a nice new bulb is something that will be cherished for years to come. It's safe to say that memories of your special day will come flooding back to your guests each time they decorate their tree. The thought of that is beyond magical and we LOVE this DIY idea!

Comfort & Cozy

There's something to be said about a fresh cup of cocoa on a cold day or evening. Assembling a mug with an individual serving of special flavoured cocoa would be just the thing to take the chill away! For couples that are seeking a more simple approach, there are hot chocolate sticks that can be stirred into hot water to make a special treat as well. Alternatively, you can also focus on individual single serving bags for your guests and adding a nice tag or ribbon to cater to the seasonal theme of your day!

Regardless of your DIY favour choice, it's all part of your journey to "I DO" and we are beyond excited for you! What did you choose as your DIY favour and how did you decide what to give your guests?

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