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How To Have ALL Of Your Guests Attend Your COVID-19 Elopement

To say that your plans have changed, is one heck of an understatement! In the wake of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), many wedding plans have changed for couples scheduled to wed in 2020. Changes put in place by the government for gathering sizes to be reduced to 50 people or less, was a shock and point of frustration for everyone. However, when that number was reduced drastically to 15 people or less with mandatory social distancing measures required, couples reached a new level of emotional stress. We completely feel that pain! However, we have to continue to push through, be creative and do our part in keeping our family and friends healthy during this time. So, how do you move forward with your wedding plans, (knowing that only a small amount of people can attend) if you are not willing or able to postpone to next year? We've outlined below a few options that could allow for ALL of your guests to attend your little-big day!

We've learnt over the years that there is a major benefit on a personal level, to having an "Unplugged Wedding" and encouraging your guests to be present in the moment right alongside you. Benefits we could go on for days about (maybe we'll write another blog for you on that topic alone... ;) )! In keeping with the effort to create an intimate, special and private wedding ceremony among you and your guests through these unique times when only a few are allowed to physically attend, take a look at the top these three suggestions!

Facebook Live Stream

Social media has opened up all kinds of possibilities when it comes to sharing moments with your loved ones. Facebook specifically, allows for live streaming from your personal profile, however you can make it private by specifying

who on your friends list can see your live event!

As you proceed with your small elopement, you could inform all of your originally invited guests that there will be a Facebook Live Event for them to tune in to and view your small ceremony. Your planning team can use your device and "go live" when all are ready on site!

Videographer Live Stream

If you have a videographer hired, they have all kinds of professional equipment such as cameras, microphones, laptops and more. Ask them if they have the ability to live stream your wedding ceremony! Most will be capable of doing so in these high technology days, and would likely pay a visit to the wedding ceremony location to test out the live streaming and ensure it will be of high quality for your guests. They will provide the appropriate links for your guests to "attend" your special day from afar!

Through setting up a stationary

camera, your guests can watch from start to finish, while your videographer works to complete their originally contracted services that will later provide you with your wedding highlight or full video!


Live streaming is not for everyone. Some feel it is not going to work, and the number one question, "what if someone misses tuning in or were unable to attend due to poor connection"? Essentially, there is only one shot for your guests to view.... that's just too risky sometimes! While it allows for an option to have your guests present with you on that day, it would be best to have a videographer hired to create a highlight or full video to not only have as a keepsake for you and your new husband/wife, but as a back up option to provide to the guests who may have missed your original live stream. Alternatively, if you want to take advantage of this elopement opportunity to be just that, an elopement between the two of you and your small group of witnesses... you could have the videographers fully edited video released to your guests a few months later, as a SURPRISE - WE GOT MARRIED or as a gift to them to watch knowing that they were not able to attend per the restrictions in place. Wedding videos are accompanied by music, and amazing clarity on the picture and the sound. Most people can't make it through them without tears rolling down their cheeks... which, could help with the emotional connection you and your guests are still wanting in watching your marriage begin!

Knowing that your loved ones are all watching from the comfort and safety of their homes, will fill your hearts as you stand at the top the aisle saying "I do"! Your guests tuning in/watching, will feel connected to you both and will be grateful that they were able to attend, even if it is in a non-traditional way!

These are weird times people, we totally get that and we completely empathize with you! However, we have been able to use video/streaming services to stay in touch with our loved ones on a social level through these days, and if there is a way to keep that going for major events such as weddings, let's work together to make that happen! At the end of the day, you can't stop love!



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