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Head Table For Two

Romance. The feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. An emotional feeling, or a strong attraction towards another person.

What better way to experience the highest level of romance with your partner, than at a dinner table for just the two of you, on your wedding day?! Think about the feeling that would rush over you, as you sit arm in arm with your person, smiling from ear to ear while gazing into their eyes. You look out to your crowd of guests, and become overjoyed knowing that all of these people, are here for the two of you! As you dine, you share sweet nothings with one another, diving deeper into the loved filled air that surrounds you! This bubble that you feel, is a love bubble, and you deserve to be in one on the biggest day of your life!

The trend of having a separate table for the couple, has been on the rise and wonderfully executed countless times. This table will act as a centre piece to the whole space, a focal point for your guests eyes when they walk in, a true visual anchor. Through adding decor to the table, a unique seating option, slightly different (but still complimentary to the overall theme) florals or candles, a statement piece is created and you and your spouse are paired with this piece for the better part of your evening.

During this time as your guests are focused on dining, visiting and watching the two of you glow, having a seat that is slightly more private from the rest of the room may bring you a sense of calmness. Your day is going to be overwhelming (in a good way of course!) and this "sweetheart table" will allow you and your new spouse the space and time necessary to connect just the two of you! It can bring you peace and quiet and the ability to reflect on how incredible your days have been so far! You spend so much time planning and dreaming for this day, why not allow yourselves the time to embrace the day for what it truly is, just the two of you?

Traditionally, there is a head table set and designed to accomodate the entire bridal party. While there are traditional ways of executing this portion of your reception, it is clear that the head table options are evolving and can truly be whatever you wish them to be. Determine what you want your first dinner as spouses to feel like, and work towards creating a setting that will best allow for that wished upon experience, to come to life.



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