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Groom Gear

As the wedding day planning has begun, one of the common worries among brides and grooms is "I want to look my best!". As they should! It's the biggest day of their lives coming up and they should be strutting their stuff in full confidence of how they look and feel! We all have 'that' outfit, that makes us feel classy, powerful, and like we're the only one in the room turning heads and wedding days should be no exception!

While the bride usually gets all the questions about what she's looking for in her dream wedding dress, the grooms should be getting those questions too! What about his dream suit or tuxedo? How does he envision his wedding day look? Along the way, we've asked a few of our grooms and gathered information about the most common thoughts, as well as where to find the best mens attire in the city to achieve this look!

" When I started the process of suit shopping, I knew I didn't want to look like Penguin from Batman and I did not want to feel like my suspenders were digging in to me. I wanted to look good. Like Gerard Butler as a spy. I wanted to feel good and confident. It's not every day you get to wear something that is specifically made for you. My goal was to look and feel my best, for the best day. At the end, I felt handsome!"

- Groom: Jeff

"I wanted to look and feel like a groom but ultimately still feel comfortable. We chose grey for our suit color and the dark grey tones appealed to me and the look of our spring wedding. The traditional look we went with allowed me to still feel like myself and have a timeless look!"

- Groom: Trent

When venturing into the suit and tuxedo shopping for weddings, we also have to keep in mind the groomsmen! Taking the above feedback into consideration, this crew needs to feel confident, like themselves, and well dressed when they are standing next to their main man. Sharp, manly and handsome is the goal, and all are achievable. Happy shopping gentlemen!

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