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Does size really matter?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Now we know what you're thinking... and we're expecting this to go viral based on that alone! Since we have your attention though, let's discuss the real topic at hand - the bridal party!

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Regardless of how popular you were (or think you weren't) back in the day, there's bound to be a few key people that come to mind when considering your bridal party.

During the early planning stages, the "it list" can (sometimes) start out to be larger than it should. As you begin looking at the bigger picture, the most important point for you to consider is:

1. Who truly supports our relationship without hesitation?

After all, support is really what it's all about! You want your lords and/ or ladies to be 100% invested in your day and there for you no matter what. With that being said, does everyone on your wedding day 'support hotline' get along with one another? The last thing you need is to be playing referee on the single most important day of your life! If you're set on who you want by your side but are worried about the cohesion of it all, queue your day of coordinators and bring them up to speed in advance so they can deal with any drama that may arise. Less for you to worry about and we'll be the ones to handle it for you!


Now, in the spirit of consideration of other people that have asked you to be part of their wedding; don't. Unless of course they've always been on your list! Don't be obligated into returning the favor just to appease the peanut gallery. Choose who you want, only because YOU want them. Let's be real - how comfortable would you be with someone who isn't on the initial support list to be hold your dress while you pee?

Lastly, think twice because asking twice is out of the question. Be completely intentional about who you will as to be your support. Make sure you put a little jazz into it too! It's exciting to ask your favorite people to stand by you and having something creative for them to open or explore or read, always goes a long way!

Just know that when planning your big day and no matter the size of your bridal party, we love 'LOVE'! We are always so happy to see the amount of support given to our couples and are so glad to be part of your big day!

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