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2019 & Trending

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

We love hearing the new and creative ideas our couples have when in the planning stages of their wedding! Some prefer to stay within standard traditions, while others like to reach outside of the box! Let's explore the top 3 trends that are surfacing for our 2019 brides and grooms!



It's all about the custom these days! Custom suits, dresses and the like. From patterns to colors to that added flare; we're seeing more of the spotlight being shared with the one wearing the tux or suit to give that 'off the cuff' (pun intended) feel.



Rhiannon Sarah Photography | Wedding Designs by Anika

Stationary! Need we say more? We're noticing more couples are turning to professional services to produce unique, detailed stationary packages for their guests. After all, it's all in the details!



Florals, greenery and creative details all come together to build your 'dream theme'. Tell us: What would your ideal theme would be?

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