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2019 In Review

What a year we have had! In officially launching our dream business in 2018, we were excited to get our events out there for current and future clients to see! To show our friends and families the results of all our late nights and hard work. We knew that we needed to kick our passion career off with a bang, and boy did we ever! So, to all of you who have encouraged and followed our journey as boss babes, here is your recap! To all of our past, current and future clients, thank you for trusting us with pivotal days within your lives and please enjoy the ride with us!

The past 12 months has been a whirlwind of highlights and we've outlined our top 3 favorite moments for you!

1) WE GOT TO MEET SO MANY WONDERFUL COUPLES! They are amazing, kind and in love!! All of them (including the couples who chose to proceed on their own - and nailed it!), have truly left marks on our hearts and have made us thankful daily for the ability to work with them.

These couples get us, trust us, and let us do what we do best! Our promise to them is to jump into their shoes for the days leading up to the big event and to execute a day of worry free enjoyment for them. Each one of them, we have connected with and grown to create friendships! *Insert feel good vibes here*

"Just had a meeting with the most amazing clients!"

2) Two sets of our clients, have us traveling this year!! We're lucky enough to be able to take our business on the road, as providing planning and executing services can truly be done anywhere! Through the wonderful technology we have available to us, Skype, FaceTime, Emails and Phone Calls, is what grants us the ability to communicate with our clients when a meeting at a coffee shop is just not in the cards.

We end up being in their back pockets as they navigate the planning tasks associated with their upcoming wedding or event and are a simple phone call away. Come the time we get to meet in person, it's as if we've been friends for years! Travel is something we are excited about and every opportunity we get, is always entertained. This year, we will be seeing both coasts in Canada as we head to Langley, British Columbia in April and then St. Johns, Newfoundland in May!

"It means early morning take in calls like we’re about to do with a wonderful east coast couple".

3) Styled shoots... ahhh-mazing! We have found a deep love for putting together these projects and enjoy diving deeply into our creative sides! To start, we get to make further connections with other vendors within this wedding and event industry, and we are so grateful for these relationships being created! We then get to tap into our creating juices and generate beautiful, unique, colorful wedding designs and tablescapes that make us grin from ear to ear! Lots of our clients already have a wedding day vision or color pallet selected, and while we still get to be creative within those perimeters, there is something wonderful about seeing something come together that you have every detail visualized right from the beginning! Participating in these photo shoots, allows for us to be at our coordinating, creating and executing max and we are incredibly thankful each time!

We have put so much energy into our efforts this past year and it has driven us to continue forward with excitement and further passion for the industry we are apart of! 2020 brings us 3 times the amount of work (Yep - you read that right. 3 times!!) than last year and we are pushing forward with all of the upcoming tasks with SO much joy! After all, this business and industry is based heavily on word of mouth, relationship building, and personal connections being made. Therefore, we absolutely would not be heading into our busy calendar without all of YOU!

Thank you for being the reason for having "highlights" from the previous years work, and thank you for being the reason we have so much more to be looking forward to this coming year! We cannot wait to give you all a recap, in 2021!



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